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Factotum envision and design the future by creating disruptive services, engaging experiences and advanced digital solutions for the world’s leading corporations.

Factotum is a collective that specialises in user research, analysis and insights, service design, user experience design, user interface and interaction design. We use design thinking, business science and data analytics to create award winning customer-centric services.

Factotum have extensive sector experience in banking and financial services, e-commerce, e-government, health, automotive, telecoms and the internet-of-things (IoT). To see our project experience please take a look here.

Disruptive Innovation

We are in an era of intense and sustained disruption where digital transformation is driving innovation in the service-product continuum and threatening established companies and their traditional business models.

To have a future companies have to re-imagine their own business or fall behind as they miss new opportunities.

Today, the innovation landscape is being dominated by visionary companies that re-invent themselves by disrupting their own established models.

Factotum use lean UX,  service design and data informed strategies coupled with agile development approaches to collaborate with clients to identify new opportunities that deliver disruptive service innovation.

We have a wide range of experience working in the UK, EU, UAE, USA, China and Australia working with Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups. For details please take a moment to check out our project experience

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