A digital strategy is essential if you are engaged in transforming your business to be digital native!

At Factotum we like to work with our clients to develop a digital strategy across shared, earned, owned and paid media to ensure their customers can find and enjoy great the services and experiences offered by the client.  We help our clients build thethe digital platforms and capabilities to deliver an omni-channel experience based on a thorough understanding of their customer’s goals, influencers, needs and behaviours.

In a mobile world that means having a user centric and mobile first strategy that recognises that media is converging. Today, nearly 90% of Americans own a smartphone, and 60% of Americans rely on a smartphone for accessing online services and information. (Pew Research, 2017)

Digital Marketing

Due to the use of mobile devices, the internet and data-driven strategies, media is converging.  Its imperative that a digital strategy has reach, distribution and scale using a range of media that recognises we live in world of savvy users that want authentic conversations with brand and services that are relevant, timely and in the right place.  Driven by data analytics, we are seeing paid, owned and earned media converging to deliver reach, relevance and optimisation as content, message and distribution are targeted.


Converged Media


Convergent Media Model

Businesses, services and product groups are looking to maximise their return on investment from marketing and in a digitally dominated world that means using search engine opitimization, digital marketing and attribution modelling to inform strategy.

The primary objective of attribution modelling is to provide holistic, accurate information about the financial return activities are delivering so you can refine them, adjust what you’re doing, and use the same budget to deliver more value to your business and your customers.

Moving forward, ‘Influencer’ marketing, that is peer-to-peer recommendation, will become more important. Customers trust their friends and contacts more than advertising (Paid Media).

Media Spend Past, Present and Future
Media Spend Past, Present and Future

A strong and effective digital strategy creates brand equity and turns customers into advocators where customers are seeking authentic experiences when they engage with brands.

Digital Marketing





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