We’ve witnessed organisation build products that their customers do not like, with features that are unwanted and badly built and coded. Working with your customers and users is essential in de-risking projects, attracting and retaining customers and attaining a better return on investment.

We organise  usability testing with target customer segments and groups of typical users to develop and assess concepts that we develop using an iterative design approach.

We start by undertaking customer and user research to identify target segments, user needs, prevalent behaviours and new design opportunities. (Please take a look at our section on User Research).

We profile and develop an in depth understanding of customers and recruit people for user testing, where often we will work with and alongside an organisation’s marketing or customer insights team to augment their skills and expertise.

Privacy and Discretion

Our workshops and user testing  sessions take place in purpose built facilities where we are able to discretely observe and record sessions. We have conducted such sessions all over the world and have a relationships with user testing labs in New York, San Francisco, London, UAE, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Whether it is a co-design, interactive ideation session or a usability prototype testing, we perform a ‘screening’ exercise to identify the target users based on psychographic profiling of typical, atypical and edge-case users where we gain important insights.

We recruit and arrange testing to ensure anonymity of both clients and participants.  Typically we require 5 to 7 days notice to screen and recruit users for testing and group activities where sessions can be half -day, full-day or  run across a number of days.

We are experts in remote user testing and have the tools and use cloud based services to both recruit, screen and conduct user research!

We test design concepts by preparing low-fidelity paper prototypes, low-res digital wireframe click-through prototypes and  high resolution ‘click-through’ prototypes. We work with users and the team to evolve ideas through a process of rapid iteration using tools like User Zoom, Figma, Axure, Invision, UXPin and Sketch.

Testing concepts in this way reduces risk, costs and avoids wasting time and resources before full implementation begins.

To talk to us about organising and conducting user research please  complete the form for to arrange an informal discussion!

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