We believe that smart work, lateral thinking and being creative are central to successful innovation. We also believe in the power of collaboration and participatory design processes to unleash the creativity in an organisation.

We like to work with our clients in Immersion Workshops and use ‘Innovation Sessions’ to explore all the issues and opportunities that a project has to offer.

We run Immersion Workshops and Innovation Sessions using a variety of tools including:

  • What’s On Your Radar

  • Problem Statement Starters

  • Questions and Assumptions

  • Ideation – Big Ideas

  • Prioritisation Grid

  • Product Road Mapping

  • Feature Cards

  • Affinity Clustering

  • ‘How might we…’

  • Creative Matrix

  • As-Is CX Scenario Maps

  • As-Is Service Maps

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • Actors Maps

  • Lego Serious Play

  • Cultural Probing

  • Narrative and Storyboard Creation

  • Immersive Empathetic Role-Play

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Evidencing

  • Service Safaris

  • Service Blueprints

  • Cross Channel Mapping

  • Backlog Generation

  • Intiatives, Epics and Story Writing (for Teams)


Please contact us if you would like to know more about our co-design and innovaiton workshops


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