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  • Artificial (Affective) Intelligence February 15, 2019
    Why we should teach machines to help us privately reflect instead of publicly read our minds.“She should smile more.”“He just doesn’t seem like he cares.”I’ve got bad news. None of us are very good at interpreting how other people are feeling. And we’re even worse at consistently labeling those feelings. Yet tech firms have been falling all over […]
    Josh Lovejoy
  • What I wish I’d known about designing conversational UIs February 15, 2019
    If there’s one lesson that has been validated in every conversational UI product I’ve worked on, it’s that building the interaction is just the beginning. Testing and iterating are the most time-consuming and headache-inducing (but worth the effort!) parts.Here is what I wish I’d known about the design process:Build with a clear objective.This is a perfect example […]
    Diana Lee
  • Defining your User Research philosophy February 15, 2019
    Why are you a user researcher?Questioning and exploring your beliefs as a user researcher can be extremely important, as it can help you develop your philosophy of user research. This helps you understand and articulate what you interpret are the best approaches to user research, and why you are a user researcher. Examining your thoughts […]
    Nikki Anderson
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