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  • When to use games for learning UX design August 16, 2018
    My students sketching ideas during the UX Pictionary game at Center Centre.A few years ago, I facilitated a storytelling game for a UX meetup in Philadelphia. The goal of the meetup was for attendees to play the game so they could learn how to use it at their jobs.During the game, one team decided to use goats […]
    Jessica Ivins
  • Provotypes: how making annoying things can help you design better August 15, 2018
    Provotypes are an interesting — and extremely fun — way of making designs better by first making the most unusable or provocative versions of them. In this blog post, I explain how and why this technique offers much more than just good laughs.Let’s face it: most likely, your test users are not designers.That is why asking concrete questions such as […]
    Anna Haverinen
  • Stop ‘delivering’ software with Agile — it doesn’t work August 15, 2018
    Clickbait-y title or not — i’ve got some stern truths for you.Photo by Jason Rosewell on UnsplashLet me start by asking you a question.Are you delivering software with Agile methods?Yes? Great! I imagine you’re doing the following?Do you work in some kind of set phases, either in sprints that last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, or work continuously?Are you […]
    James Whitman
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