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  • Driving design system adoption January 19, 2019
    Lessons learned from launching a new design system.Continue reading on UX Collective »
    Maya King
  • Designing for substantive tech January 19, 2019
    Technology and design have undoubtedly transformed the face of much of the modern world — from news dissemination, to consumption, to education, to communication, nearly every aspect of our lives includes some aspect of digital, robotic or big data tech.Yet somehow, society as a whole does not seem to be benefitting. Income inequality is on a global rise, […]
    Mala Kumar
  • Building my own framework January 19, 2019
    A younger me would scoff at this — a process, a framework, hmph. Design and good ideas don’t belong in a process; they spring forth from creativity, imagination, daydreams, and talent! 🙄As a young designer, I would go straight to Photoshop and start designing; I did minimal research — just enough to get the creative juices going — and my focus was […]
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