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  • Three suggestions for “newbie” product designers September 23, 2018
    Recently, prospective students and new grads from my program, CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), reached out to me as they are interested in my experience so far working as a product designer (software product design).Reflecting on my practice, I came up with three suggestions for the new product designers — or those who think about becoming product designers.1. Design […]
    Lu Chen
  • The true ROI of UX: B2B redesign case studies September 23, 2018
    User-centered design isn’t just about creating a great experience for customers — it’s also a smart business move.In our previous article “The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite,” we talked about how to persuade company executives on the ROI of UX, and how to illustrate the value of UX in increasing business KPIs. In this second […]
    Miklos Philips
  • How does Headspace hold up with usability heuristics and accessibility? September 23, 2018
    In UX design, usability is the ease of use of an interface, or how easily a person can learn and use the product. How can we evaluate the usability of a product objectively? From 1990–94, Jakob Nielsen developed broad rules of thumb known as heuristics that should be considered when objectively evaluating interaction design. These […]
    Mike Berina
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