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  • Samsung S9 vs. iPhone X — A Usability Review May 23, 2019
    A heuristic review of key features where an S9 beats the iPhone X and summarising Apple’s inability to absorb good ideas.Continue reading on UX Collective »
    Aviram Vijh
  • Building products in a age of ambiguity May 23, 2019
    Businesses as we know it keep changing, evolving and industries are being disrupted all the time by introducing new digital processes to change and optimise stagnant business processes. With this ever evolving business landscape it brings with an age of ambiguity that very few businesses are equipped for, the good news is a practice like […]
    Francois Brill
  • Reflecting on “good” product design and accessibility May 22, 2019
    Can design really be “good” if it isn’t built on accessibility and inclusivity?Image via AerolabWhen discussing what makes a good design, the conversation generally revolves around ideas like whether or not a product is innovative, functional, useful, aesthetically pleasing, and so on. In the context of product design and UX design, we are especially concerned with […]
    Taylor Welling
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