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SECTOR: PaaS, Web Apps and Cloud solutions

SERVICES: Market and User Research, Business Strategy, Service Design, CX, UX and UI

NEED: To develop a product language and design DNA for a new PaaS platform on the cloud for micro and small businesses to connect, collaborate and trade on the web using any device using the cloud.

SOLUTION: Factotum developed a brand and identity that could work for the platform its web apps, hosting solutions and data storage using a ‘hybrid’ cloud solution called ‘ThunderCloud’ where data could be synced to a personal IP enabled ‘Hard-Drive’. We undertook market and user research, developed a business strategy and created a brand strategy and lexicon to inform all aspects of the business and user experience. We developed a service architecture and identified key touchpoints for SMEs around the world seeking a mobile first solution.

Democratizing the Web with eziCONEX was the first of four winners in VentureBeat’s FedEx sponsored new ‘Concept to Reality’.