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iOS7 Geo-Location Based Weather App

This new weather App is designed to exploit the new styles, themes and functionality in Apple’s iOS7.

Users can source the weather for as many cities as they like and enjoy a simple tri-color theme that indicates temperature. With its fresh and lean icon set users can see clearly see the forecast for today, tomorrow and the next seven days while a stats page gives average temperatures and interesting facts.  There are plans to have local advertising based on geo-locationing, so if it looks like rain in New York, Nordstrom can push an advert for a new umbrella or rain coat! Or if its going to be a warm spell, cafe’s can stock-up in cold drinks and ice-cream and then let you know!


iXDA in Amsterdam – FEB ’14

“Interaction14 will be held in Amsterdam from 5 to 8 February 2014. Four days of presentations and workshops with unique opportunities to share your point of view and get inspired by stories from around the world!

Our art and craft are evolving with usage patterns and technological developments. Interaction Designers strive to create meaningful relationships between people and the products and services that they use, from computers to mobile devices to appliances and beyond. Our practices are evolving with the world!

Interaction14 in Amsterdam will be inspired by the multiple relationships and the emerging languages, offering an interaction design grammar for different contexts, from urban to mobile screens, from immersive to sensor-based environments.”

Lenovo Enter Post-PC era with record profits!


If anyone needed more evidence that the post-PC era is upon us, they likely got it Thursday morning. Lenovo on Thursday posted its fiscal first-quarter results, revealing that it earned $170 million in profit on a record $8.8 billion in sales. The most interesting news from Lenovo, however, was that it confirmed that combined smartphone and tablet sales overtook PC sales last quarter. Lenovo, mind you, is currently the top PC vendor in the world, and yet its smartphone and tablet sales outnumber PCs. And it’s also not as though Lenovo’s PC sales are doing poorly — in fact Lenovo just outgrew the overall PC market for the 17th consecutive quarter. Lenovo’s full press release follows below.