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  • Medium took all the fun out of clapping January 17, 2019
    Let’s make it fun again?My love/hate (but mostly love) relationship with Medium continues. I write this with sincerity, not spite. All I want is to offer a few, hopefully valid, points from my perspective as an avid user.I’ll start with some transparency: I have no idea what it takes to run an online publishing platform, or manage […]
    Alec Zaffiro
  • Making technology work January 17, 2019
    State of UX in 2019Every year there is a shiny new technology, topic, or buzzword that permeates everything that is written and published in UX. That has been the case in our recent yearly UX reports (Artificial Intelligence in 2018, Chatbots in 2017, the Internet of Things in 2016) and in the years prior (responsive design, […]
    Fabricio Teixeira
  • How being a parent has trained me in UX January 17, 2019
    When nonverbal communication is key.I have become a mind reader. I have learned this skill during the first year with my two children. Babies can’t talk so the only way they can communicate is by staring at you. This can be jarring at first especially for a first time parent! Once you get the hang of […]
    Jamie Greenberg Arlin
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