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  • The feedback you choose not to give is as important as the one you do March 26, 2019
    As a designer, the things you choose NOT to include in your designs is also design — after all, our work is about all prioritization and reduction. Similarly, as a leader, the feedback you choose NOT to give is an extremely important part of your design feedback.Photo by Ricardo MancíaLately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to […]
    Fabricio Teixeira
  • A tale of two disciplines: research and consultancy March 26, 2019
    Illustration and design credits to jfml.In principle, UX research and traditional digital consultancy look very similar. Both aim to define problems, question assumptions and arrive at solutions, be it for users or clients. In fact, they could be seen as different sides of the same coin. Question and answer. Study and change. Ohmmm.Theory aside, what we find […]
    Pedro Almeida
  • What do UX writers do all day? March 26, 2019
    UX writing wasn’t much of a thing 10 years ago, so it makes sense that even now, not everyone understands what it is. My cocktail party one-liner is, “When you open an app… the words you see on the screen… I write those.” But there aren’t that many words on the screens of most successful […]
    Yael Ben-David
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