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Factotum’s Pete Fossick Talks ‘Service Design’

In the latest issue of Touchpoint, Editor-in-Chief Jesse Grimes caught up with me to learn about the opportunities afforded to me as a service designer and to hear my thoughts on where service design education should be heading.  As the Service Design Program Director at IBM and the founder of the IXSD Academy in London, I have a background that includes developing ground-breaking curriculum in design as well as over twenty years working with start-ups, SMEs, and corporations using service design and design thinking to deliver disruptive innovation.

“In the future designers will need to be polymorphs and trans-disciplinary, where they can adapt to a fast paced changing world. I would like to see a Polytechnic approach in higher education; the University system in the UK is broken in parts and it’s failing its students”
I recently established the IXSD Academy to provide coaching, training and education that has a focus on collaborative and co-creative approaches to develop skills and thought leadership in design, innovation and transformation in the digital economy.

I have been at the forefront of shifting approaches to design education since working with Prof. Norman McNally at Glasgow School of Art in the early 1990s and over the decades I have been involved in developing innovative and ground breaking curriculum in design thinking and pioneering service education in the USA. Check out what I have to say in the SDN’s Touchpoint Vol 9 Edition 1 ‘Education and Capacity Building

SCAD Students in China – West Goes East

While Pete Fossick, Factotum’s Principal Designer and Director was a professor at SCAD he arranged for two study trips to China. With 15 students and colleagues they visited design studios, consultancies, OEM, ODM and OBM firms as well as large and small factories manufacturing everything from smartphone cases to high-tech consumer products.

This was part of Peter’s approach to immersive, collaborative and project-based teaching as he was preparing students for professional and commercial practice.

Students spent time in Hong Kong and China where they presented a range of advanced project work to industrial sponsors and partners.

Some of the students were awarded internships  and all the students secured premium design positions upon graduating.

Take a look at the video here – it was part of their project submission.

SCAD is Savannah College of Art & Design and is one of the USA’s leading universities for art and design education with campus sites in Altanta, Savannah, Lacoste (FR) and Hong Kong (PRC). Find out more about SCAD here.

Photo Credit: A. Brodowski et al