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React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. Facbook built React to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time.

There are a number of frameworks out there including Angular, Node and Bootstrap (amongst others).  I’ve been talking to a few people about React (sometimes styled React.js or ReactJS) and I’m hearing good things.

Here is a short but useful video that compares React with Angular that might be useful.

React Vs Angular

From Concept to Reality: Democratizing the Web with eziCONEX

eziCONEX is the mobile web made easy for SMEs

The first of four winners in VEntureBeat’s new is eziCONEX, a software-as-a-service company that makes affordable mobile web development possible for anyone.

Founded by the MD of Factotum, Peter Fossick has always been a creator. Perennially building one thing or another — from furniture to web applications — he discovered the internet in the early 90s and was quickly consumed with its potential to change the way we live. His new start-up is the mobile web made easy for small business owners who have little no knowledge of tech!

This post is part of a new series brought to you by FedEx. As always, VentureBeat is adamant about maintaining editorial objectivity.