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TEDx Reset – Why Robots Need To Dream

Peter Fossick, of Factotum was recently invited to talk at TEDx Reset about ‘Why Robots Need to Dream’.

We’ve posted a link to the video here, in which Peter talks about the selling of technology of Utopian futures that often have social, economic and cultural impacts that favour the few while penalising not only the majority of people but the environment as well. Peter argues that this is the result of new technology but rather the principles, ethics and practices of modern neo-liberal capitalism.

If you enjoy the video you can catch Peter at UX Istanbul in February where as a guest speaker he’ll be talking about DesignOps.

Lenovo Enter Post-PC era with record profits!


If anyone needed more evidence that the post-PC era is upon us, they likely got it Thursday morning. Lenovo on Thursday posted its fiscal first-quarter results, revealing that it earned $170 million in profit on a record $8.8 billion in sales. The most interesting news from Lenovo, however, was that it confirmed that combined smartphone and tablet sales overtook PC sales last quarter. Lenovo, mind you, is currently the top PC vendor in the world, and yet its smartphone and tablet sales outnumber PCs. And it’s also not as though Lenovo’s PC sales are doing poorly — in fact Lenovo just outgrew the overall PC market for the 17th consecutive quarter. Lenovo’s full press release follows below.