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Factotum is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that specialises in developing new products and services that deliver great customer experiences

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With heaps of experience working with companies of all types and sizes, we collaborate with client’s in multi-disciplinary teams using Agile, Lean or Phased approaches depending on the nature of the project.

 We have a global reach with rosters of designers, researchers, developers and subject matters experts that can work in London, the USA, Europe, India, Hong Kong and Australia.
 In the beginning 

Factotum was founded by Peter Fossick in 1996 in Hong Kong to meet the growing demand for web services and digital business solutions. Factotum has been through iterations and is continually evolving its services as we anticipate changes in technology, user behaviour and business practices.

Peter has a wealth of experience having led teams at IBM, Boston Consulting Group-Digital Ventures, Wipro, EY-Seren and many leading agencies. Peter is passionate about design, innovation and enterprise, want to know more about him, take a look at his Linkedin profile here.

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