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  • The commonalities between evolution and product design November 11, 2019
    Often times I look at some animals or plants or even the planet and I wonder, how exactly did nature manage to get things so right. Why are ecosystems so perfectly balanced and why do they work like a Swiss watch? How come birds have eyes on the side of their head so they have […]
    Patric Hadzsinicsev
  • Advice for UX designers working in agile teams November 11, 2019
    If you’ve read the Agile Manifesto you’ll have noticed that the word “user” doesn’t appear in there at all. And where they mention the “customer” they are specifically talking about the product owner. This is because the developers negotiate timelines and budgets with product owners. The lack of user centred considerations in the Agile Manifesto […]
    Tarik (Rick) Dzekman
  • This is a call: let’s talk about natural user interfaces November 11, 2019
    This article is a call for designers to talk about naturality in interface design.Natural User Interface (NUI) is a new concept that makes you feel like ‘hmm, that should be very easy to use’ interfaces. Well, defining NUIs is difficult, but we can say NUIs are interfaces that users interact with using modalities such as […]
    Berivan Atik
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